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Photo by Wikipedia, licensed under CC BY 4.0

The Datenklo, originally named CCC-Modem, was developed in mid-1984 in response to the restrictive telecommunications legislation in Germany. It provided an affordable solution for data transmission, priced at 300 DM (equivalent to 326 € today).

During that time, modems in Germany were subject to a telecommunications monopoly, and private devices were prohibited. The first modems were only available for rent from the Bundespost. By early 1987, the monthly fee for a BTX-MultiTel 1 was 48 DM (equivalent to 51 € today), and for a MultiTel 2, it was 78 DM (equivalent to 83 € today).

The first modem with FTZ approval, released in May 1988, cost 1950 DM (about 2.050 € in today's purchasing power) as a tabletop model. While Bundespost modems adhered to international CCITT (now ITU-T) standards, many hobbyists sought simpler standards, such as modems from the Hayes company.